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  • Holbrook, Arizona

    8.8pH spring water beneath a petrified forest.

10 Million years ago much of the Northeastern Arizona was a large lake basin, with Ephemeral Lakes covering much of the area.  These shallow warm lakes deposited “Fluvial” fine lake sediment and ash over millions of years.  This entire ancient lake basin was filled with volcanoes; many of them were “phreatomagmatic” volcanoes when the ground water and/or lake water mingled with lava to cause explosive eruptions.

This borders on two major geographical aquifers. This first aquifer is the regional aquifer called Coconino Dechelly or the C aquifer which has a recharge rate of 319,000 acre feet per year, with a reserve supply of 413,000,000 acre feet (actual amount of water confirmed at 130 Trillion gallons).  The C aquifer main water bearing units are the Kaibab Limestone, Coconino Sandstone and the upper Supi Formation.  This is the largest aquifer in the Little Colorado River Basin.  North of the Little Colorado River the C aquifer is either too deep to be economically useful or the water quality of the drinking water is almost salt water with ranges from 1000 to 64,000 mg per liter.  This is the case with the other water in the area that have been tested.


The second aquifer is called the Bidahochi Aquifer.  This local aquifer has a yearly recharge from 17,000 acre feet to 37,000 acre feet, (1 acre foot equals 325,000 gallons) with a reserve supply of 3 to 9 million acre feet.  This large aquifer is located in sedimentary formations of sandstone and limestone separated by impermeable shale and siltstones and is the purest of all the aquifers with a reserve beneath the captioned property of 6 Trillion gallons.  The principle ground water withdraw is from the upper sandstone unit where our spring access well is located.  The three layers of this aquifer consist of basal sandstone, middle volcanic unit, and the upper sandstone member.  This water unit along with the Little Colorado Basin enters the Alluvium and it’s a direct discharge of the Kokonino Aquifer.  This overlying shallow Bidahochi Aquifer is at the depth of 55 to 550 feet.  This aquifer has collected rainwater for around 10 million years and has filtered down through the volcanic, sandstone and basalt layers while flowing into the Kokonino Aquifer.

Desert Spring


In conclusion, this 8.81 pH spring water is a wonder of nature.  This water quality is only found in a handful of places on Earth, starting millions of years ago with Volcanic/Ephermal Lakes and basalt deposits.  The water has filtered through thousands of miles of sediment and sandstone, to end up in a protected local Artesian aquifer.  Half a mile underground the mineral deposits in this aquifer over time in volcanic pressure have infused the water with its natural high alkaline properties.

Giving Back
A significant portion of the proceeds are donated to addressing water problems across the globe. The Flow Foundation is committed to utilizing the resources at its disposal to make an impact in the lives of people who are under privilaged to water.
Alkaline Spring Water is very rare with incredible health benefits. Regularly consuming water with a high pH content is proven to contribute to a long lasting lifespan and is a natural anti-aging serum of the human body.
Amazing Taste
H20pH is bottled from a rare natural desert spring that produces 8.8 Alkaline water. Naturally occurring wonders such as these are extremely hard to find and produce some of the best tasting water in the entire world.